Kontakt cleaner

Today, the development, maintenance, and repair of electrical units and . KONTAKT CHEMIE – and electronics work. Reinigt leichten Schmutz in Potentiometern, Schiebereglern usw. Durch seine Materialverträglichkeit geeignet für empfindliche Bauteile.

Contact Spray For cleaning faders, potentiometers and socket contacts, Evaporates without residue, Removes resin and old contact spray residues, Ideal in combination with Vaseline 70 Contents: 2ml.

Layers of pollution and dirt deposits which have formed on contacts gradually wear away at the surface to interfere with current transmission. This contains special oxide removing additives. The oxide-dissolving contact cleaning oil which can be used to restore corroded electrical contacts.

In aerosol form it is particularly suitable for service applications, it can be dispensed . Cleans, lubricates, displaces moisture and prevents corrosion. The solvent mix, dissolves greasy dirt, oil and resinified deposits, forms a sliding and lubricating film, displaces moisture and protects against corrosion. Electro Contact Cleaner is used for fast and efficient cleaning and degreasing of soiled or corroded contacts of all kinds. This special formulation with high-purity solvents removes oxide or sulphide layers, combustion residues as well as resinous or sooty soiling from electro-technical or mechanical parts like measuring .

A professional-standard spray formula, Holts Electrical Contact Cleaner removes dirt, dust, grease and oil from car electronics and electrical parts. Browse our latest Contact Cleaners offers. MotoMaster Electrical Contact Cleaner is ideal for removing dust and debris from electrical contacts, connectors and switches Dries fast, leaving no residue beh. Please note our minimum order value of € 2000. Product Information: CONTACT 60.

Spray with high dissolving properties to clean electrical contacts. Contact cleaner is non-conductive and non-corrosive and leaves no residue. MoTip Contact Cleaner has a powerful jetspray and can be. Use WD-Specialist Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray to safely clean your sensitive electronic components and equipment. Try our contact cleaner today.

SOS electronic europe – Teile von autorisierten Quellen. schnelle gewünschte . So I have a few old analogue oscilloscopes that need some maintenance and repair. After looking around online on what people use to clean pots and switches, I have found many. Those include the horrible idea of using WD-40.

Kontaktreiniger, Contact Cleaner 5ml.