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As Technical Coordinator of the project “Glass-wall Cleaning Robots for High-rise Buildings”. The pneumatic robot named Skycleaner has been developed and put to good use at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. This project which was supported by “Hi-Tech Research and Development Program of China (8Plan)” was totally implemented at Robotics Institute in Beihang University (BUAA). Sky Cleaner by Junho Kim.

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Abstract: There are large numbers of high-rise buildings with glass curtain walls that require constant cleaning and is carried out using permanent gondola systems. This is a laborious and dangerous work in midair. To protect the ozone layer from the greenhouse gases, we are going to send a flying system to the stratosphere which contains a stratospheric balloon an adsorbing toxic gases system. Here I am very proud of introducing my research on pneumatic climbing robots. Climbing robots are kind of special mobile robots which can move and work vertically on the working targets to implement typical given tasks.

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