Turbo hybrid floor cleaner

Patented Automatic Vacuum Compensator, watch the Turbo Force tools in action! Plus, the patented automatic vacuum compensator leaves the floor drier, which will really thrill your customer. Extra long life hard boot rind AND nylon BRUSH ring, come standard. Comfort grip non-slip handle.

Patented automatic vacuum compensator leaves the floor drier. Easy access inline filter.

Turboforce Hybrid is really an exceptional cleaning device you can rely on. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Unit works with a front-to-back or side-to-side motion. Works on uneven stone or tile surfaces or smooth concrete.

Now you can clean the kitchen and bathroom floors , including shower or bathroom walls and all counter tops. Brand new Barwalt Ultra Grouting System for tile floors. Comes with two handles, two.

Tile Grout mini turbo hybrid cleaning walls Turbo Force.

Lightweight but soli resistant to. Using a combination of powerful cleaning chemicals, High-pressure super-heated water and a Rotary action to dissolve, agitate and blast the muck and dirt away, then extract the . Hire online or through your nearest Kennards Hire branch. Features include spinning jets, a relief port, and an adjustable suction adjustment. Blast tile and grout at multiple angles. Easily fits the Gekko wand.

This remarkable tool enables us to apply up to 5psi of pressure to the dirt on your floors. Now comes with extra long life boot and an all new brush attachment! Capable of cleaning hard and softer polished floors , the Turbo – Hybrid utilizes a special boot that can be changed without the use of tools.

Operating at temperatures up to 2degrees and up to 0PSI, the Turbo – Hybrid is constructed of a high-impact . Turbo Hybrid This tool easily connects to your existing hoses. Stainless steel handle with fiber re-enforced shell. The arm spins to blast soil away, while the vacuum port removes the excess waste.

Operating pressure range 500–5PSI. The high pressure and powerful . Cleans 500–0sq ft per hour. HSS Hire – Our range of cleaning and floorcare products are ideal for all indoor and outdoors cleaning jobs.

We use the latest steam cleaning methods to clean your tile and grout. We provide professional tile and grout cleaning service, covering all Dublin and surrounded areas. We have been in business for years.

Hard floor coverings are becoming more prevalent in Australia and around the world which offers a great opportunity to carpet cleaners and high pressure water blasting companies because: 1. These floors require regular cleaning to maintain their appearance 2. Hard surface cleaning is a far easier process than carpet . This system combines heat, pressure and powerful vacuum for a premium finish. The powerful vacuum attached to the tool then extracts all the cleaning detergents, leaving behind a thoroughly clean .