Urine off spray

Gratis Versand durch Amazon schon ab 29€. Alles für Hunde im Spar-Abo: Sparen Sie bis zu auf den tagesaktuellen Preis beim Kauf von Hundefutter und Snacks, und lassen Sie sich Ihre Artikel regelmäßig versandkostenfrei zuschicken. Ihr Spar-Abo können Sie jederzeit anpassen oder stoppen – ohne Fristen oder Gebühren. Alle Artikel für Hunde, die im . Pump- Spray gegen Urinflecken und Gerüche von ausgewachsenen und jungen Katzen, 1 biologische Zusammensetzung mit Pheromopnblocker, ohne Parfüm.

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Are you embarrassed by urine odors or stains from your cat or dog or even human accidents? Think your carpet or couch is ruined? In the past, dog urine odor and stains were nearly impossible to eliminate. The 500ml Spray Bottles is perfect for removing urine from hard surfaces like tile litter boxes walls and floors.

Urine off ist ein Spray gegen Urinflecken und erneutes Markieren. Es ist völlig unschädlich für Mensch und Tier und kann so in unmittelbarer Nähe der Zwei- und Vierbeiner angewendet werden. Bio-Kis one of the most powerful and effective products on the market for the complete eradication of dog, cat and pet urine odours and stains in carpets and fabrics.

Especially useful in combating.

Specially formulated for pets in the home. Higher viscosity formula that better adheres to vertical surfaces. Works even for strong tomcat urine.

Urine Off verwendet eine (patentierte) Bio-enzymatische . Urine is one of the most difficult carpet stains to treat. Not only does it leave a stain and foul odor, but as any pet owner can tell you, it attracts pets to the spot over and over again and encourages them to mark their territory. Shop with confidence on eBay! Bio- ensümaatiline puhastusvahend feromoone blokeeriva toimega.

Urine – Off Cat – kasside uriini lõhna ja plekkide eemaldamiseks. Both urine stains and odours can become a very challenging problem if not dealt with straight away. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. You love your dog, but the urine smell in your house is driving you crazy! Dog urine odour is unmistakable, strong, and extremely difficult to permanently remove.

Like many other animals, dogs use urine and faeces as a method of communication, indicating possessiveness and territoriality. Fast-acting enzymes action attacks urine and other organic matter (such as feces, bloo saliva and more) and essentially eats up their stains and odors. Helps prevent dogs and cats from re-marking their territory.

It eliminates urine odor at the source, permanently.

It also works on feces, bile, blood and other body fluids including organic stains. Now how the heck do I get urine out of that?