Vanish carpet cleaner

Find the perfect product for your carpet here. The moist powder helps remove tough ground in dirt, odours and dust trapped deep in the carpet pile. Take a look at our shampoo carpet cleaner here. Vanish Power Powder has been. Over time, carpet in high traffic areas can become dull and grey, even with frequent vacuuming.

Our new formula with special conditioning ingredients. Who is that first actress cleaning the stairs? She looks like a lass I went to college with called Sam?

Choose from hour delivery slots and collect Nectar points. VANISH POWER OCARPET SHAMPOO 1L. Products Carpet Cleaners. Benefits Amazing Deep Carpet Cleaning. Sprinkle the moist powder onto the surface, brush through and simply vacuum up.

This large 650g bag has a maximum 10musage area. Warning: Keep out of reach of children and pets. Check out vanish preen floor carpet cleaner power powder 510g at woolworths. See our user reviews to find out how it performs in the home. CHOICE price comparisons help you find the best price.

Revolutionary fast drying moist powder removes tough ground-in dirt and dust deep in the carpet – Carpet is dry in only minutes ! When your carpet is in constant use, it can start to look tired and dull overtime, especially in a busy family household. Specifically designed to combat ground-in dirt and dust, . Removes 3x more pet hair. This excellent carpet cleaner is great for removing tough ground in dirt and stubborn stains. It is perfect for softening, freshening and cleaning your carpets.

Perfect to ensure that high traffic areas are always clean and fresh.