Virtual concierge

A virtual concierge can exist in any virtual realm. Your hotel could chose to develop a virtual concierge within your mobile application, on your website or as part of your television. Hotels that use a virtual concierge often have . Who says only VIPs merit star treatment? These services can do everything from prep a nursery to clock time at the DMV for you. Enhance your guest experience with a custom designed.

A concierge service that serves as a tool for businesses wishing to provide a progressive employee benefit that improves the productivity, recruiting power, morale and motivation of the work force. This powerful and distinguished benefit is accessible to your employees regardless of geographic location. With ease of use, the service is accessible via toll-free . Some hotels have begun to expand the definition of concierge to mean more than just a knowledgeable employee. It now can also mean smart digital devices.

Software companies are creating programs that offer information like restaurant tips, flight arrivals and departures and driving directions via these . The apps can be customized for each hotel. But they typically work like this: When guests book their rooms, hotels send them e-mails letting them know about the app. They can then download the app and start planning their trips. By starting a virtual concierge business you can lend a helping hand by offering organization skills, expertise and a can-do attitude to clients . Accessing information through dedicating touchscreens at hotels or any internet connected device provides maximum flexibility to exploring the latest information.

Account Manager, Concierge, Account Executive and more! With My APP Concierge you can manage all the stages of their stay in a single app. Visit our website today for a free quote. Virtual Concierge jobs available on Indeed.

Intelligent virtual assistants offer an opportunity for hospitality services to improve the customer experience. In these uncertain economic times Reston Concierge is a office extension for small business and self employed entrepreneurs. We help you focus on business growth and increasing your ROI.